Let the world know what needs to be protected

We believe that one of the most effective ways to protect an area is to expose that area in such a way that the world will know about it and why we need to protect it!

The way we approached the creation of this book, was to invite some of the many professional photographers we have had the pleasure in guiding. We offered them as individual or photographic team each a chapter in this book. Each photographer we approached immediately supported our project and supplied their pictures and text without receiving any compensation other than that the Raja Ampat is worth protecting! This to show the Raja Ampat through their eyes/lens.

The result is a hard cover book with 288 pages of spectacular imagery, depicting the Realm of the Four Kings in spectacular color, both above and below the water.

This book is illustrated with a collection of the very best photographs taken by some of the world’s top photographers depicting the Realm of the Four Kings in spectacular color, both above and below the water.Chapter contributions include writtenimpressions as well as large color galleries by photographers such as Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Claudia Pellarini-Joubert & Leon Joubert, David Doubilet & Jennifer Hayes, Denise & Larry Tackett, Dos Winkel, Gerry Allen, Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Mark Strickland, Paul Munzinger, Roger Steene, Takako Uno & Stephen Wong, Tim Laman and Thomas Haider.

Introductory chapters are by Mark Erdmann (Conservation International), pioneer Max Ammer (Papua Diving & RARCC – The Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center) and scientist Gerry Allen and demonstrate, stimulate and motivate a steadfast commitment to protect the world’s most diverse seascape.

A spectacle of underwater, topside and aerial photographs awaits. Take a color saturated journey through the pages of this book, and experience the Raja Ampat through the lenses of these 17 top photographers.

All profits go directly to conservation.
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